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I have two graphs (Out[45] and Out[47]), both made with LogLogPlot.

For some reason, I can't see the lower part in those graphs, the third graph (Out[51]) shows both functions on same graph, but again cant see the lower parts of both functions

I use the option PlotRange to try to change the vertical range on the plots, but it didnt work, maybe because of LogLogPlot.

Please, any helpfull hint will be appreciated.

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    $\begingroup$ Try PlotRange -> All. $\endgroup$ – Anjan Kumar Jul 31 '17 at 10:31

Changed answer (thanks to Bob Hanlon)

You need to specify PlotRange->All. Also increase PlotPoints and MaxRecursion.

fen[y_] := (3.44479 + 3.29645 Sin[y])^0.5

LogLogPlot[fen[y], {y, 0.001, 100},
 PlotStyle -> Black,
 PlotRange -> All,
 PlotPoints -> 60,
 ImageSize -> Large,
 MaxRecursion -> 10]

enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ Thank you very much - I changed the answer $\endgroup$ – eldo Jul 31 '17 at 13:25

I look first the fen function and ploted it, look that values range over the 0 so in this part do not have problem to be loglogploted but in this loglogplot i forced the axes to be origin in 0.05 and 0.25 to have the graph in good sigth

 fen[y_] := (3.44479 + 3.296645*Sin[y])^(1/2)

 Plot[fen[y], {y, 0.001, 100}]


LogLogPlot[fen[y], {y, 0.01, 100}, AxesOrigin -> {0.05, 0.25}]

sorry I can not paste plots here I do not know how to do

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