I am new to stack exchange though I have used it to help me through some struggles before. This question I cannot find an answer to.

I'm looking to create a set of polynomials where the 'i'th polynomial is some combination of the previous polynomial and the second previous polynomial. For example.

 Subscript[M, i] = 
 Subscript[Z, i]*Subscript[M, i - 1] - 
  Subscript[K, i]^2*Subscript[M, i - 2]

If I provide the first two elements can I generate this list such that I can ask for the 50th polynomial. Grant it the size will be extraordinary. Thanks!


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You could do for example

n = 5;
Subscript[m, 1] = Subscript[m, 2] = 1;

Table[Subscript[m, i] = 
  Subscript[z, i]*Subscript[m, i - 1] - 
   Subscript[k, i]^2*Subscript[m, i - 2], {i, 3, n}];

which gives

Subscript[m, #] & /@ Range[n] // ColumnForm

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you eldo it appears this works perfectly! I knew it would be a simple fix but I'm too inexperienced to get it yet. Thank you though. Also Kuba thank you for the advice I didn't think to check for recurrence but I will now! Thanks guys $\endgroup$
    – KFGauss
    Commented Jul 19, 2017 at 12:42

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