I have a Graphics which is a combination of several plots, lines, text and the like. Some of the features lie outside of PlotRange and that is ok for me. I rely on proper clipping of those things outside of PlotRange. At the end I used AxesLabel->{“X”,”Y”} to put labels to the axes.

Now I see that the axes labels are properly placed and especially the Y-axis is shortened to accommodate space for the label "Y". However all the other lines which extend to places outside of the Graphics are not clipped at the same Y-level, they rather extend beyond the automatically chosen end of the Y-scale. That does not look as pretty as I want it.

How can I easily clip everything above a given Y-coordinate in my Plot?

One more question: How can I achieve to attach arrows on the ends of my plotted axes?


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Just add the option PlotRangeClipping -> True. In order to plot Arrowheads to the axes, juat add to Graphics the options

Axes -> True, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads[{0.0, 0.03}], AxesLabel -> {"X", "Y"}



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