Probably a bug:

key = GenerateSymmetricKey[
      Method -> <|"Cipher" -> "Blowfish", "KeySize" -> 16|>]
Encrypt[key, "test"]

Encrypt::invkeyspec: Key should a string or valid SymmetricKey, PrivateKey, or PublicKey.

Even though the documentation says:

  • The following ciphers can use any key size that is a multiple of 8:


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Sometimes the documentation is misleading. According to Wikipedia, Blowfish keys should be between 32 and 448 bits. For some reason, Encrypt insists a Blowfish key be a multiple of 64, and will accept any such key, even ones larger than 448 (7 x 64).

BlowfishTest[k_, msg_String] :=
   key = GenerateSymmetricKey[Method -> <|"Cipher" -> "Blowfish", "KeySize" -> k 64|>]; 
  Decrypt[key, Encrypt[key, msg]]]

The following tests all keys that are multiples of 64 up 1024 (16 x 64).

With[{msg = "This is a test."}, 
  AllTrue[Table[BlowfishTest[k, msg], {k, 16}], # == msg &]]



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