Using SciDraw (for customTicks), when I set

SetOptions[LogTicks, LogPlot -> True]

I get errant behavior. When LogTicks does work for LogPlots/LogLogPlots, as it does for

ListLogLogPlot[Table[{10^-x, 10^-x}, {x, 1, 5}], Frame -> True, Joined -> True, FrameTicks -> {{LogTicks, None}, {LogTicks, None}}]

what's produced has tick labels of the form 10.-5., i.e. with decimal points:

enter image description here

(The decimals aren't present when LogPot->False.) Other attempts to LogPlot with LogTicks and the aforementioned settings do not work at all. If I try to run LogTicks[10,-1,1], the output returns many errors:

enter image description here

I've been trying to find a way to remove the decimal points I showed above with NumberPoint -> "", to no avail. (LogTicks won't accept it as an option, though the documentation seems to indicate it should.) But it seems clear the problem runs deeper than that. I am hoping to use LogTicks as in my first example, because 1) I run into plot range issues when manually taking the Log10 of my data and 2) I would like the tick labels to automatically generate, i.e. so that I don't have to choose the range, spacing, etc.

Edit: wrapping the plot function in Style[...,NumberPoint->""] seems to do the trick for my first example. But a resolution to the other issues would be appreciated.


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