Last May, problems surfaced with FinancialData (see FinancialData no longer fetches historical prices?). This week, FinancialData ignores mutual fund prices for the last day of May, although WolframAlpha does find such data.

Don't FinancialData and WolframAlpha both use Yahoo as the data source? If so, why does only one return data for May 30? To me, this behavior suggests the fault lies with Mathematica rather than Yahoo.


FinancialData["VFINX", {"Jun 29, 2017", "Jun 29, 2017"}]
FinancialData["VFINX", {"Jun 30, 2017", "Jun 30, 2017"}]
FinancialData["VFINX", {"Jul 3, 2017", "Jul 3, 2017"}]


WolframAlpha["VFINX close Jun 29 2017 to Jul 3 2017",
{{"DateRangeSpecified:Close:FinancialData", 1}, "FormattedData"}]


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