I have used Classify function to train a series of photos using neural network, and I want to export the code so that I can use it elsewhere without Mathematica.

Is there any one who can help me with this? Or how to extract the structure of the neuralnetwork so I can put it into somewhere else?


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If you train a network directly with NetTrain (say, starting from a pre-trained NetModel), you will be able to export the net to MXNet's format starting in Mathematica 11.2, which will be released soon. It is as simple as writing Export["mynet.json", net, "MXNet"]. This will also produce a "params" file, and it is then straightforward to load both the JSON and params file from C++ using MXNet (see http://mxnet.io/api/python/symbol.html#mxnet.symbol.load).


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