I'm trying to find the perpendicular geodesics to the path the upcoming solar eclipse will take:


gpath  = SolarEclipse[ "TotalPhaseCenterLine", EclipseType -> "Total"];

GeoGraphics[gpath, GeoRange -> {{24, 50}, {-128, -63}}]

Solar Path

What I would like are perpendicular lines similar to this image:


source: https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/nation/

So far I can create path offsets relative to the pole:

    GeoMarker[GeoPosition@#, "Scale" -> Offset[10]],
    GeoPath[{GeoPosition@#, GeoDisplacement[{Quantity[1000, "Miles"], 180}]}]
} & /@ gpath[[1]], GeoRange -> {{24, 50}, {-128, -63}}]

Pole lines

Any ideas how I can make the lines orthogonal for the full length of the eclipse path?


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Take the points of the geo path, and thread the GeoPosition head to have a list of individual geo positions:

points = Thread[gpath[[1]]];

Take them in pairs and compute the direction from the first to the second point in each pair, and add 90 degrees to get the perpendicular (use -90 for the north-pointing geodesics):

directions = GeoDirection @@@ Subsequences[points, {2}] + Quantity[90, "AngularDegrees"];

These are approximate perpendicular geodesics at those points (I'm not sure those are the green lines in the other map you show):

geopaths = MapThread[GeoPath[{#1, Quantity[1000, "Kilometers"], #2}] &, {Most[points], directions}];

Now you can plot everything together:

GeoGraphics[{gpath, Green, geopaths}, GeoRange -> {{24, 50}, {-128, -63}}]

enter image description here


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