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I have Mathematica 11.0 on a Windows 10(Home) system with a Nvidia GTX1050Ti gpu, driver version 382.33 and CUDA version 8.0.61; I am getting CUDALink is not supported and OpenCLLink not supported. Is my gpu/cuda/opencl setup supported by Mathematica 11.0; if not what do I need to do?

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Additional information:




Mod[100 Revision Number, 1000]

{{"Name" -> "CUDAResources", "Version" -> "", 
  "BuildNumber" -> "", "Qualifier" -> "Win64", 
  "WolframVersion" -> "8.0.1+", "SystemID" -> {"Windows-x86-64"}, 
  "Description" -> "{ToolkitVersion -> 4.0, MinimumDriver -> 270.0}", 
  "Category" -> "", "Creator" -> "", "Publisher" -> "", 
  "Support" -> "", "Internal" -> False, 
  "Location" -> 
Repository\\CUDAResources-Win64-", "Context" -> {}, 
  "Enabled" -> True, "Loading" -> Manual, 
  "Hash" -> "62976eb492c28aa3d0ecf6fcb6ed9013"}}
{{"Name" -> "Visual Studio", 
  "Compiler" -> 
  "CompilerInstallation" -> 
   "D:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0", 
  "CompilerName" -> Automatic}, {"Name" -> "Visual Studio", 
  "Compiler" -> 
  "CompilerInstallation" -> 
   "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0", 
  "CompilerName" -> Automatic}}
  • $\begingroup$ Please add the information CUDADriverVersion[], CUDAInformation[], CUDAResourcesInformation[], and CUDACCompilers[] return. Does CUDAQ[] return False? $\endgroup$ – Karsten 7. Jun 18 '17 at 19:26

Your CUDA paclet is outdated. Updating it with

CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True]

should fix your problems.

The output of CUDAResourcesInformation[] reveals that you currently have version installed. The latest version of the CUDA Resources is 10.5.0 (based on its web page). If updating via CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True] fails, you can follow the manual update procedure I outlined in this answer.


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