keys = GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair[];
message = Rasterize[Graphics[Disk[]], RasterSize -> 10];
Encrypt[keys["PrivateKey"], message]

generates the error

Encrypt::len: Input too long for this encryption method.

despite the message having a ByteCount of only 4144. Is this some kind of error, or is there a reason why non-tiny messages are infeasible? (11.1.0, OS X)

  • $\begingroup$ You could try other short messages, to see if the problem is really the length or actually some other feature of what you are trying to encrypt $\endgroup$ – mikado Jun 18 '17 at 16:34

When using GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair the key size must be longer than the message. So the following works.

keys = GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair[Method -> <|"KeySize" -> 5000|>];
message = Rasterize[Graphics[Disk[]], RasterSize -> 10]
Encrypt[keys["PrivateKey"], message]


The default for "KeySize" is 4096 which is a bit too small for your raster of 4144 bytes.


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