I have a function and I would like to contour plot with half-max in log-log (in base 10 )scale.

   f[i1_,i2_]:= 87.6293 + 1.30282*10^6/( 194.574 + 8439.54/(1 + 3.2176*10^9 i1^3.8546) + 18567.7/(  1 + 157.95 i2^1.39834))

and half max is


This kind of plot is expected

enter image description here

Can someone help me out. Thanks in advance.


Create a helper function g to transform from log to natural space, then plot contours of that function. Using your definition of f from OP:

g[x_, y_] := f[10^x, 10^y]

ContourPlot[g[x, y] == 3380.54, {x, -4, 2}, {y, -1, 2}]

Mathematica graphics

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  • $\begingroup$ That's what I need. Thank you so much. $\endgroup$ – OkkesDulgerci Jun 8 '17 at 21:04

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