I need to reproduce the gray plot (H4-WT) of below image.Is there any way for doing that in Mathematica? enter image description here


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The other colors tend to cover the grey/gray curve.

UseImage = Import["https://i.sstatic.net/lTsCA.png"];

Use the color picker to determine that the gray curve has the following color:

UseColor = 0.5137254901960784;
UseColor = RGBColor[UseColor, UseColor, UseColor];

Then look for the positions of that color in the image:

UsePositions = ImageValuePositions[UseImage, UseColor];

These are all the points we can find that are the color of interest. To ignore the legend, use:

UsePositions = Select[UsePositions, (#[[2]] <= 400 &)];

Then plot:


enter image description here

Note the missing points. You can filter and then scale these points to match the axes. Then interpolate using a spline or linear model.


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