How can I find global minimum for the function: (what is the function name?)

ff[x_] := 0.01*(x + 20) + 0.001*(x + 20)^2 + Sin[(x + 20)] + 20


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Your function is a parabola plus a sinusoidal. The parabola has minimum at x-> -25 that you can find like this

Minimize[0.01*(x + 20) + 0.001*(x + 20)^2 + 20, x]
{19.975, {x -> -25.}}


Solve[D[0.01*(x + 20) + 0.001*(x + 20)^2 + 20, x] == 0, x]
 {{x -> -25.}}

For your particular function, there will be many local minima, so the initial guess is important. here I use FindMinimum with an initial guess given by the minimum of the parabola.

{x, ff[x]} /. FindMinimum[ff[x], {x, -25}][[2]]
{-27.8483, 18.9831}

Or you could use Minimize giving constrains around x->-25. Notice that without constrains it will not find the global minimum.

Minimize[{ff[x], -50 < x < 0}, x]
{18.9831, {x -> -27.8483}}

you can see the result in a Plot by placing a Point in an Epilog

Plot[ff[x], {x, -50, 0}, 
 Epilog -> {Red, PointSize[Large], 
   Point[{x, ff[x]} /. FindMinimum[ff[x], {x, -25}][[2]]]}]

Mathematica graphics


As a supplement to the solution of rhermans

ff[x_]= 0.01*(x + 20) + 0.001*(x + 20)^2 + Sin[(x + 20)] + 20;
tab = Table[{x, ff[x]}, {x, -222, 222, 0.001}];
{x, ff} = MinimalBy[tab, Last] // Flatten
{-27.848, 18.9831}

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