Mathematica has RowReduce[], how can I use this to calculate a basis for the range of any matrix?




The leading 1's in the reduced row echelon form select the first, second, and fourth column vectors of A as a basis for the range of A. How do I program mathematica to make that selection after calculating RowReduce[A]?


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Firstly, there is no such thing as the basis. Secondly, the range of a transformation is generated by the columns, so RowReduce[Transpose[M]] ought to do it.

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Long form:

A = (* your matrix *)
reduced = RowReduce[A];
positions = DeleteMissing[FirstPosition[1] /@ reduced];

In one line:

basis[A_] := 
 A[[Catenate[DeleteMissing[FirstPosition[1] /@ RowReduce[A]]]]]

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