I am trying to graph the following 'ParameterMixtureDistribution'.

pmd = ParameterMixtureDistribution[
  GammaDistribution[m/v, m^2/
   v], {m \[Distributed] 
    UniformDistribution[{0.00000001, 0.2}], 
   v \[Distributed] UniformDistribution[{0.00000001, 0.2}]}]

I would know if PDF[pmd] were to return something but it does not. Is there a way I can graph my complex distribution?


I think you should report this to support. I'm not sure if this can be classified as a bug, but this takes way longer than it's supposed to, even after replacing the inexact 0.00000001 and 0.2 with the equivalents 1*^-8 and 1/5.

In the meantime, here is a very hack-y method for (relatively quickly) evaluating the PDF of your distribution:

pmd = ParameterMixtureDistribution[GammaDistribution[m/v, m^2/v],
                                   {m \[Distributed] UniformDistribution[{1*^-8, 1/5}], 
                                    v \[Distributed] UniformDistribution[{1*^-8, 1/5}]}];

Block[{Integrate = NIntegrate}, PDF[pmd, 3.]] // AbsoluteTiming
   {0.254763, 0.0171523}

Compare this with

PDF[pmd, 3.] // AbsoluteTiming
   {114.855, 0.0171523}

As for your plot:

Plot[Block[{Integrate = NIntegrate}, PDF[pmd, x]], {x, 0, 5}]

plot of ParameterMixtureDistribution PDF


You need to define the values of m and v.

 Plot[PDF[pmd /. {m -> m0, v -> v0}, x], {x, 0, 0.2}], {{v0, 2}, 1, 
  5}, {{m0, 1}, 1, 4}]

enter image description here


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