I'm using GUIKit in Mathematica 11.0, which throws an error message whenever a window or panel is shown. I know GUIKit is deprecated but I don't want to port a whole project to the newer controls.

Now I want to suppress the error messages coming from GUIKit but keep all other possible messages. Quiet sadly doesn't work. I thought I could change the setting User interface log messages to Ignore temporarily, switch to another panel and re-enable the messages again (see How to find out valid values for an option).

However it doesn't work and I can't see why. I used the following code snippet:


frm = Widget["Frame", {
  Widget["Panel", {
    "visible" -> False,
     Script[SetPropertyValue[{"frmHauptfenster", "title"}, 
        "Panel 1"];]],

    Widget["Label", {"text" -> "Panel 1"}],
    Widget["Button", {
      "text" -> "toggle1",
      BindEvent["action", Script[ToggleVisible[];]]}
    }, Name -> "p1"],
  Widget["Panel", {
    "visible" -> True, 
     Script[SetPropertyValue[{"frmHauptfenster", "title"}, 
        "Panel 2"];]],

    Widget["Label", {"text" -> "Panel 2"}],
    Widget["Button", {
      "text" -> "toggle2",
      BindEvent["action", Script[ToggleVisible[];]]}
    }, Name -> "p2"]
  }, WidgetLayout -> {"Border" -> 5, 
   "Stretching" -> {Maximize, Maximize}}]
, Script[
 ToggleVisible[] := Module[{},
    (* Turn off messages *)
     MessageOptions -> {"ConsoleMessageAction" -> {}}];
    p1visible = PropertyValue[{"p1", "Visible"}];
    SetPropertyValue[{"p1", "Visible"}, Not[p1visible]];
    SetPropertyValue[{"p2", "Visible"}, p1visible];
    (* Turn messages back on *)
     MessageOptions -> {"ConsoleMessageAction" -> 
}, Name -> "frmHauptfenster"];

ref = GUIRun[frm];

Why doesn't it work? Or is there even another workaround?



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