I am building a cdf application,which has multiple screens,every screen was linked to another screen.

Right now I am using CreateDialog. Are there any other options of displaying multiple screens to users?


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Since all windows in Mathematica are basically Notebook objects (notebook windows, palettes, dialog windows, etc.), one can use the more general


approach, which is a bit more customizable than CreateDialog. The other option is to use the more specific Dialog function, but it is rather limited when it comes to designing a mutli-windowed gui.

The other way is to abuse the floating element of e.g. ActionMenu:

ActionMenu[Graphics[Circle[], ImageSize -> 50], {
   "This is a window that can be used to display text when the circle 
    is clicked.", {300, 200}
  ]}, Appearance -> None]

Mathematica graphics

Note that this won't stay if any window is clicked, but is useful to display material temporarily.


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