On Linux, wolframscript seems to create log files in .Mathematica/ApplicationData/ProcessLink/Streams

for example:

wolframscript -c SemanticImport[\"/path/to/file.csv\"] > /dev/null

generates files called wl-stream-stderr-(nonce) and wl-stream-stdout-(nonce)

I don't think the issue is only with SemanticImport, but that's certainly one that generates log files. (For example, -c 2+2 does not generate a log file.)

After a few heavy days of wolframscripting, my hard drive runs out of space from all these log files.

The contents look something like this:

STARTED: interactive mode


Running with hints: {Delims: [], HeaderLines: 0, FixedSpaceTable: false, AutomaticTokenization: true, AutomaticHeader: true, MissingDataRules: map[MissingRuleType:ForAll Rules:[]], ColumnSpans: [], ExcludedLines: [], AllowedDomains: [], ColumnCount: -1 LOADING: include [], exclude [PeopleData] DONE LOADING

SUCCESS: (etc.)

I can't find an option in wolframscript to turn off these log files. Other than just deleting all files in that directory every minute or so as a cron job, is there a more elegant or correct solution to keep the files from being created in the first place?


I have found that adding KillProcess/@Processes[] fixes this problem.


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