I'm working with dates in the form, e.g.,

t1 = {2017,4,17}    and    
t2 = {2017,4,3}. 

I want to execute commands like

If[t1 == t2, Print["Right!"], Print["Wrong!"]];

This works, but, the following doesn't.

If[t1 >= t2, Print["Right!"], Print["Wrong!"]];

What "comparison commands" can I use to achieve common <=, < , >, >=, and != functionality?


You cannot compare lists directly, unless they are equal, or you will get the expression unevaluated.

You can use the build in DateObject for such comparison.

DateObject[{2017, 4, 17}] > DateObject[{2017, 4, 3}]

Please read the documentation for more usages.


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