GeoListPlot[AirportData[{"ORD"}], GeoLabels -> True]  

shows correctly a red point, labeled "Chicago O'Hare Internation Airport".

Is it possible to label that point by the airports IATA-Code, which is already a property of AirportData[]?

Thanks Volker


The GeoLabels docs says that it accepts a function of the form

function[graphics_, region_, position_]

when used in GeoListPlot. A little experimentation shows that region is the Entity, itself, e.g.

GeoListPlot[AirportData[{"ORD"}], GeoLabels -> (Tooltip[#1, #2]&)]

So, we can then use that info to create the IATA-Code label,

  GeoLabels -> ({Black, Text[#2["IATACode"], #2, {0, -1}]} &)]

enter image description here


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