I would like to have a "SimplifiedArea" borders and color filling for each country exactly following the border line, but I get this rough profile

 GeoRegionValuePlot[{GeoVariant[Entity["Country", "Spain"], "SimplifiedArea"] -> 11., 
    GeoVariant[Entity["Country", "Italy"], "SimplifiedArea"] -> 9,
    GeoVariant[Entity["Country", "Austria"], "SimplifiedArea"] -> 5}, 
    ColorFunction -> (Directive[Opacity[#], Red] &), ImageSize -> 1000,
    GeoRange -> {{34, 60}, {-17, 30}}, 
    GeoBackground -> {"CountryBorders", "Land" -> White, "Ocean" -> None, "Border" -> Lighter@Gray}, GeoProjection -> "Robinson"]

enter image description here

Is there any way to draw the same borders are coloured? Best

PlotStyle -> Directive[EdgeForm[{Thick, Opacity[0.5], Gray}]]

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