In Python there is a a compact syntax for creating variables that refer to the various list elements.

>>> somelist = [’book.tex’, ’book.log’, ’book.pdf’]
>>> texfile, logfile, pdf = somelist
>>> texfile
>>> logfile
>>> pdf

Of course the number of variables on the left-hand side must match the number of elements in the list. The only relevant I can think in Mathematica is MapThread (or Thread).

In[4]:= somelist = {"book.tex", "book.log", "book.pdf"};
MapThread[Set, {{texfile, logfile, pdf}, somelist}]

Out[5]= {"book.tex", "book.log", "book.pdf"}

Is there anything else similar in Mathematica? Thank you very much.


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Yeah, you can do destructuring assignments:

someList = {"book.tex", "book.log", "book.pdf"};

{texFile, logFile, pdf} = someList;

(* "book.tex" *)

(* "book.pdf *)

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