Can WordFrequencyData be used with phrases? I'd like to look up words/phrases like "cell phone" instead of "cellphone".

WordFrequencyData[{"cellphone", "cell phone"}, {"TimeSeries"}, All, IgnoreCase -> False]

Google's Ngram viewer allows this, so the data exists. I read through the documentation and didn't see anything.

Example from Google Books Ngram viewer.


If you look at the DownValues of WordFrequencyDaya it's working through this:

WordFrequencyData, "MWAWordFrequency", {arg1, "Year" -> date, 
  IgnoreCase -> caseoption, "IncludeCaseVariants" -> casevariants, 
  "IncludePOSVariants" -> posvariants, 
  "SourceCorpus" -> sourcecorpus}]

Where the relevant parameter is "SourceCorpus" which happens to just be any member of this list:


{"english", "hebrew", "italian", "german", "french", "spanish", \
"russian", "chinese"}

And so it just passes that up to WolframAlpha to compute, so let's try this test case: Frequency of phrase cell phone in English

And it fails to compute that, so this function likely can't handle that case. Note that it is possible to compute this: Frequency of word cellphone in English so it's not just that the query is bad.

On the other hand, if you have a decent corpus you could do the first part of what this guy did. Or, alternatively, you can just use google's data (see, for instance, the NOUN 2-grams).


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