I'm trying to evaluate an integral (numerically would be good enough), but since the integrand contains the same expression several times, I'd like to speed it up by defining a local variable that locally evaluates that expression. Specifically, I write the following

F[σ_] := Integrate[
   Module[{a1x = x, a2x = x^σ},
      If[.2 a1x >= a2x, a1x, a2x]
   {x, 0, 1}


This returns the result

(0.2 + 0.8 x) x

When really, it should be


(After all, F is simply integrating $x$ over $[0,.2]$ and $x^2$ over $(.2,1]$.

Why is that? And how can it be fixed?

Edit: In this specific case, NIntegrate gives me the desired result, albeit with a bunch of warnings. In my actual example however, it just runs without end... and then outputs the result with local variables of the type


So I need to be able to somehow force Mathematica to evaluate the a1x expression FIRST each time it tries to figure out an integrand...


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Use Piecewise to define a function that is used as the argument to the integral.

p[x_, σ_] := Piecewise[
   {x, x <= 0.2},
   {x^σ, x > 0.2}

Now we will use the funciton p as the function to be integrated

fp[σ_] := Integrate[p[x, σ], {x, 0, 1}]

(* 0.350667 *)

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