I have a simple model of a RL circuit driven by a PWM voltage

Ts = 0.001; duty = 0.2; nPer = 10;
Ubat = 14; Ud = 0.6; tEnd = 0.005;
pars = {R1 -> 11, L1 -> 0.01};
u[t_, d_, T_, Ub_, Ud_] := If[Mod[t, T] < d T, Ub, -Ud]
eqn = {i1'[t] == (u[t] - R1 i1[t])/L1}; ic = {i1[0] == 0.14};

This works:

solI1[t_] = First[i1[t]/.NDSolve[{eqn/.u[t] -> u[t,duty,Ts, Ubat,Ud]/.pars,ic},i1,{t,tEnd}]];
Plot[{solI1[t],u[t,duty,Ts,Ubat,Ud]1/Ubat},{t,0,tEnd},PlotRange -> All,ExclusionsStyle -> Gray]

enter image description here

I wanted to use this for a parameter estimation like in the FindFit Example

model[R1_?NumberQ,L1_?NumberQ]:=NDSolve[Flatten[{eqn/.u[t]->u[t,duty,Ts,Ubat,Ud],ic}] ,i1,{t,tEnd}];

but this doesn't work!

enter image description here

The parameters don't get inserted into the model before the NDSolve evaluation. If I replace the equation by hand it works

model[R1_?NumberQ,L1_?NumberQ]:=First[i1[t]/.NDSolve[Flatten[{i1'[t]==(u[t]-R1 i1[t])/L1,ic}/.u[t]->u[t,duty,Ts,Ubat,Ud]] ,i1,{t,tEnd}]];
Plot[{solI2[t],u[t,duty,Ts,Ubat,Ud] 1/Ubat},{t,0,tEnd},PlotRange->All,ExclusionsStyle->Gray]

enter image description here


You can either :

Pass the parameters R1 and L1 in eqn :

eqnModified[R1_,L1_] = {i1'[t] == (u[t] - R1 i1[t])/L1}; ic = {i1[0] == 0.14};
   Flatten[{eqnModified[R1,L1]/.u[t]->u[t,duty,Ts,Ubat,Ud],ic}] ,i1,{t,tEnd}];

Or use Block :

   Flatten[{eqn/.u[t]->u[t,duty,Ts,Ubat,Ud],ic}] ,i1,{t,tEnd}]]

enter image description here


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