in this link i have two excel file that i want to plot them simultaneously but i can not do it. i want to draw files in one graph. i importing data by use of: s = Import["Example Data/population.xls"] but when i use ListPlot it draw a blank graph and i seriously confusing. link of my excel file

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    $\begingroup$ Numbers are stored as text in your Excel file, so they are imported as strings. You need to convert them back to numbers. Try s = ToExpression@Import["yourFile.xlsx"] instead. Note also that Import automatically generates a list of lists from Excel files, one element per tab in the original file. You might want to extract the first part of what Import returns, so s = ToExpression@Import["yourFile.xlsx"][[1]]. $\endgroup$ – MarcoB Feb 6 '17 at 9:32

There were two files, and I took one of them. Here is what I did:

In[12]:= top1 = 
  Import["<path to top1.xlsx"];

In[13]:= top1[[1, 1, 1]]

Out[13]= "-21.247643979057592"

In[14]:= Head[%]

Out[14]= String

Notice that the number is a string. Use ToExpression to get the strings converted into Real Numbers.

In[15]:= top11 = ToExpression[top1];

In[16]:= top11[[1, 1, 1]]

Out[16]= -21.2476

In[17]:= Head[%]

Out[17]= Real

In[18]:= ListPlot[top11[[1]]]

Here is the plot I got:

enter image description here

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