How to export data from excel specific cells into Mathematica? Given that the spreadsheet tab is named XYZ and that I have several cells at various locations in the same column in Excel that I want to export?

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This is verbatim from the docs on XLSX:

Example excel file with two sheets:

 Export["sheets.xlsx", {{"MySheet1" -> {Range[10]}, 
   "MySheet2" -> {{"This is a string."}}}}, {{"Sheets"}}]

To import the cell at row 1, column 4 of MySheet1:

 Import["sheets.xlsx", {"Sheets", "MySheet1", 1, 4}]
 (*  4 *)

Import the second sheet:

 Import["sheets.xlsx", {"Sheets", 2}]
 (* {{"This is a string."}} *)
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