I want to define a function that takes a list of pairs as input and groups cycles, e.g. {{a1,a2},{b1,b2},{a2,a3},{c1,c2},{a3,a1},{b2,b1}} becomes {{a1,a2,a3,a1},{b1,b2,b1},{c1,c2}}.

I'm wondering if there is an obvious function for doing this which can simply be /@ to the list. As far as I can tell, Cycles does nothing to a list of this type. Is the only way to look at individual characters and manually group items?

Thank you!


In your example, there is no c2->c1 (or {c2, c1}) pair, so I don't think c1->c2 is a cycle. At any rate, one idea is to use FindCycle:



If you do include {c2, c1}, then you have a permutation, and you can use FindPermutation:

cycles = FindPermutation[pairs[[All,2]], pairs[[All,1]]]


Which produces the cycles:

pairs[[#, 1]]& /@ cycles[[1]]



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