In the course of solving question 134644, I encountered the message

Reduce::ztest1: Unable to decide whether numeric quantity -Log[5381171456512]+Log[(-Sqrt[101] Log2-10 Sqrt[101] Log[5]+101 (Log[<<1>>]+<<1>>+<<1>>)+Sqrt[101] Log[Plus[<<2>>]])^10/((30100251-2278951 Sqrt[101]) (Log2+10 Log[5]-Log[Plus[<<2>>]])^10)] is equal to zero. Assuming it is.

with the numeric quantity in Short form. To obtain the entire expression, I tried

EvaluationData[Reduce[eq3 /. {m -> 0, n -> 0}, {A, c1, d, k}, Reals]]

along the line of an answer by Szabolcs. Indeed, it provided the desired complete expression. But, it also provided about 125 error messages, all apparently internally generated by EvaluationData. Although the desired quantity can be isolated by

EvaluationData[Reduce[eq3 /. {m -> 0, n -> 0}, {A, c1, d, k}, Reals]]
    ["MessagesExpressions"][[-1, 1, 2]] // ReleaseHold
(* -Log[5381171456512] + Log[(-Sqrt[101] Log[2] - 10 Sqrt[101] Log[5] + 
   101 (Log[2] + 10 Log[5] - Log[30100251 - 2278951 Sqrt[101]]) + 
   Sqrt[101] Log[30100251 - 2278951 Sqrt[101]])^10/((30100251 - 2278951 Sqrt[101]) 
   (Log[2] + 10 Log[5] - Log[30100251 - 2278951 Sqrt[101]])^10)] *)

I do not find this work-around particularly satisfying. Two questions:

  1. Is this undesired EvaluationData behavior a bug? (I believe it is.)
  2. Does an alternative work-around exist, perhaps by instructing Message not to use Short on lengthy expressions.

Edit: Bug apparently fixed in Version 11.1

Reduce no longer produces the warning message given above for Reduce[eq3 /. {m -> 0, n -> 0}, {A, c1, d, k}, Reals], so I could not test

    EvaluationData[Reduce[eq3 /. {m -> 0, n -> 0}, {A, c1, d, k}, Reals]]

on the exact same case. I tried a different case, and it worked fine.


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This does seem like a bug and I'll file a report.

In terms of workarounds, it is possible to avoid the application of Short by something like

 ClearSystemCache[]; Reduce[eq3 /. {m -> 0, n -> 0}, Reals] // Simplify]

(note ClearSystemCache[] has been added to make sure the Reduce::ztest1 message is always issued)

and the following uses the testing framework to collect the message

  Reduce[eq3 /. {m -> 0, n -> 0}, Reals] // Simplify;, Null]["ActualMessages"]

(* {HoldForm[Message[Reduce::ztest1, HoldForm[-Log[5381171456512] + 
       Log[((-Sqrt[101])*Log[2] - 10*Sqrt[101]*Log[5] + 
          101*(Log[2] + 10*Log[5] - Log[30100251 - 2278951*Sqrt[101]]) + 
          Sqrt[101]*Log[30100251 - 2278951*Sqrt[101]])^10/((30100251 - 
           2278951*Sqrt[101])*(Log[2] + 10*Log[5] - 
            Log[30100251 - 2278951*Sqrt[101]])^10)]]]]} *)
  • $\begingroup$ I tried to reproduce the errors in the question for version 11.1, but Reduce no longer produced the particular warning message mentioned in the question. So, I tried a different case which does produce the warning message, and EvaluationData worked well. Thanks. $\endgroup$
    – bbgodfrey
    Commented Mar 19, 2017 at 21:33

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