In this document http://pastebin.com/XEyrDHyB the first 2 coloums are the position and the third the value of the fuction.

I need to create a 2d image where in each position the value of the function is represented by a color. The highest value would have a different colour from the lowest. It would be great if the areas where the values of the function are similar are marked.


Here's a few ways to visualize the data:

I've imported your data as a 524 by 3 matrix:

{524, 3}

The easiest way is with ListDensityPlot:

ListDensityPlot[data, ColorFunction -> Hue]

enter image description here

For the other methods, I rescale the function values to run from 0 to 1:

data[[All, 3]] = Rescale[data[[All, 3]]];

A different approach is to use Graphics:

 {Hue[#3], {Hue[#3], Cuboid[{#1, #2} - 0.015, {#1, #2} + 0.015]}} & @@@ data, 
 Frame -> True

enter image description here

Another is with ListPlot:

 Style[{#1, #2}, Hue[#3]] & @@@ data,
 PlotStyle -> PointSize[0.03],
 AspectRatio -> Automatic,
 Axes -> False,
 Frame -> True

enter image description here

As for marking similar values, you can use ClusterClassify. Here I partition into 4 groups:

c = ClusterClassify[data, 4];

Do[color[j] = RandomColor[], {j, 1, 4}]

Graphics[{color[#3], Cuboid[{#1, #2} - 0.015, {#1, #2} + 0.015]} & @@@ 
  Map[Append[Most[#], c[#]] &, data], Frame -> True]

enter image description here


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