This command seems to work for changing the font used in output

$PrePrint = Style[#, FontFamily -> "Arial"] &;

Is there a way to make a button which can in a way or an other list all available fonts, size, color when using such a command.


I'm uncertain if you want to know what options you can use or if you want to know how to build a button to apply the styling.

If you want to list all of your system fonts, you can get them via $FontFamilies.

FontColor can be any color you like, so just choose some Hue[h,s,b] value (I find this somewhat easier to use that RGBColor[r,g,b]).

FontSize is any positive integer

FontWeight can be Bold, Plain, or DemiBold (for some fonts).

If you want flexible auto-styling just create a $styleSpec variable you can change at whim.

$PrePrint = Style[#, Sequence@@$styleSpec] &;

That ought to do it.

If you want to do it in a button you can do so via either a SelectedCells mechanism or via FrontEndTokenExecute, the first of which is seen here.


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