So Mr. Wizard points out here that we can get all the FE packets via FrontEndExecute[FrontEnd`NeedCurrentFrontEndSymbolsPacket[]][[1,1,4]]

I was wondering what all the other element are. I think I've managed to pin a number of them down: (Ignore the MyTools` context. It's just the context I give to my tools application.)

    {MyTools`$FESettings, MyTools`$SeeminglyRandom, 
     MyTools`$FEDataForms, MyTools`$FEPacketList},
    {MyTools`$FEBoxForms, MyTools`$FEInterfaceStuff}
   } = FrontEndExecute@FrontEnd`NeedCurrentFrontEndSymbolsPacket[];

The thing is, the only ones of those assignments that I'm actually confident are, (obviously) the packets, the data forms, and the box forms. In particular, the <FE Call>[[1,1,2]] element is very confusing.

For those just scanning it looks like:


Whereas, say, the stuff I pegged as interface stuff (I guess this is all interface stuff, by I was thinking more like the notebooks/front ends/menus stuff) is:


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