When I use GeneralUtilities`PrintDefinitions to print its definition,I will get this information: enter image description here

So I think this function can convert a Graphics into Graph.But I cannot achieve it.

graph = RandomGraph[{5, 6}];

All will give error information.What on earth this function design for?


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Well,I believe this is bug or unfinished function now.When I get the page of GraphComputation`GraphBuilderDump`graphicsToMeshInfo

graphicsToMeshInfo[gr_Graphics] := Block[{mesh},
    mesh = Quiet @ MeshObject @ gr;
        mesh = $Failed,
		mesh = {mesh @ "SparseAdjacencyMatrix", mesh @ "VertexCoordinateRules"};
	mesh /; UnsameQ[mesh, $Failed]

But the function MeshObject show a undefined status(with blue color).And the varibale mesh is judged by MeshObjectQ in following step.So I think the undefined function MeshObject play a key role,which convert a Graphics into MeshObject,that same to Graphics`Region`ToMeshObject work on a Region.Maybe we will see the function in future verion.


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