This doesn't work:

Mathematica graphics

Is there a way to do this? My real goal is to identify the second links in the graph below, which shows the results of a webcrawl (using this code). I'm open to another approach.

Mathematica graphics


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Graph[{1, 2, Tooltip[3, "Label"]},
     {1 \[UndirectedEdge] 2, 2 \[UndirectedEdge] 3, 3 \[UndirectedEdge] 1}]

Mathematica graphics


You can also explicitly label using VertexLabels and use Tooltip as the positioning:

Graph[{1 -> 2, 1 -> 3, 1 -> 4, 1 -> 5}, 
    VertexLabels -> {5 -> Placed["five", Tooltip]}, ImagePadding -> 20]

enter image description here

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