In a previous post we saw how we can create animated snowfall. So, I was wandering what else, related to Christmas, we can do with Mathematica? Perhaps, drawing a tree full of ornaments and lights...

All ideas are welcome! I suppose it would be nice to have a post full of nice codes related to Christmas.


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    $\begingroup$ We could try and create a fractal Christmas tree! $\endgroup$ – Mirko Aveta Dec 7 '16 at 14:35
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Nothing groundbreaking, but a quick composure of some graphics objects:

tree = Graphics[{Darker@Darker@Green, 
   Triangle[{{0, 1}, {4, 1}, {2, 6}}], Darker@Brown, 
   Rectangle[{1.7, 0}, {2.3, 1}], Yellow, 
   Rectangle[{.6, .25}, {1.5, .9}], Red, Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1, .75}], 
   Rectangle[{2.1, .2}, {3, .9}], Blue, 
   Rectangle[{1.2, -.1}, {2.2, .5}], Purple, 
   Rectangle[{2.7, 0}, {4, .7}], Yellow, 
   Point@RandomPoint[Triangle[{{0, 1}, {4, 1}, {2, 6}}], 80]}]



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