Before version 10.0, there was a menu item, Evaluation → Interrupt Evaluation..., which could be used to interrupt a calculation without aborting it. It would bring up this window:

enter image description here

It was possible to enter a subsession, examine the kernel state, then resume the calculation using Return[].

How do I access this functionality in version 10.0 or later?


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The menu item is gone, but the functionality is still there in version 11.0.

It can be accessed by a keyboard shortcut:

  • Command-Option-. on OS X
  • Alt-, on Windows and Linux

The front end token is called

  • "EvaluatorInterrupt"

It can be used e.g through a palette button.

Alternatively, use Evaluation → Evaluate in Subsession for similar functionality. E.g.,

Table[Pause[1]; i, {i, 30}]

Now enter i and evaluate it using the above menu item before the Table has finished running. You will see the current value of i.


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