Is there a way to apply an array of functions or others to a single entity?

An example would be:

In[1]:= {1, 3, 8, 8.5, 9} //{Min, Max}
Out[1]:= {1, 9}


In[2]:= 12.5 //{f, g, h}
Out[2]:= {f[12.5], g[12.5], h[12.5]}

This isn't function mapping, because it's applying to a single element, not over elements of a list (but rather treating a list as its own element)

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This operation is performed by Through:

12.5 // {f, g, h} // Through
{f[12.5], g[12.5], h[12.5]}

Other methods:

#[12.5] & /@ {f, g, h}

Table[fn[12.5], {fn, {f, g, h}}]

Cases[{f, g, h}, fn_ :> fn[12.5]]

Each of these occasionally has a good application so it can be useful to know them.

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