Bug introduced in 11.0.1 or earlier and fixed in 11.1.0

Is this yet another annoying regression in v11 Dataset type handling? The display form seems to be a formatting bug:

The numerator and denominator of integer-magnitude Quantities appear string joined:

Dataset[<|"a" -> Quantity[12, "Seconds"],  "b" -> Quantity[34, "Seconds"]|>] // Query[All, UnitConvert[#, "Minutes"] &]

enter image description here

These should really be 1/5 and 17/30 minutes. Doesn't affect Association or real-valued magnitudes, ie these work:

Dataset[<|"a" -> Quantity[12, "Seconds"], 
    "b" -> Quantity[34, "Seconds"]|>] // Normal // 
 Query[All, UnitConvert[#, "Minutes"] &]


Dataset[<|"a" -> Quantity[12., "Seconds"], 
   "b" -> Quantity[34., "Seconds"]|>] // 
 Query[All, UnitConvert[#, "Minutes"] &]

gives 0.2 and 0.566667 min.

Is this resolved in 11.1 pre?

  • $\begingroup$ I can confirm that the bug has been fixed in MMA 11.1.0 $\endgroup$ – user58955 Mar 23 '17 at 17:52
  • $\begingroup$ @user58955, works, thanks for the update. $\endgroup$ – alancalvitti Mar 23 '17 at 21:56

I do not know if this defect is fixed in any prerelease builds of version 11.1, but I can offer a couple of work-arounds.

Diagnosis (current for version 11.0.1)

Here is a minimal reproduction of this bug:

Quantity[1/2, "Meters"] // Dataset

defect screenshot

Tracing reveals that the bug lies in the following function:

TypeSystem`NestedGrid`PackagePrivate`qbox[Quantity[1/2, "Meters"]]

(* RowBox[{"12", "\"m\""}] *)

... or alternatively another function which it invokes:

TypeSystem`NestedGrid`PackagePrivate`fixnum[FractionBox["1", "2"]]

(* "12" *)


We can revert to the old dataset styling which does not exhibit the problem:

Dataset`$UseNewDatasetFormatting = False;
Quantity[1/2, "Meters"] // Dataset

old styling

Or, we could apply an unsanctioned and unsupported patch to one of the errant functions. I chose to patch fixnum because it was simpler:

  DownValues @ TypeSystem`NestedGrid`PackagePrivate`fixnum
, HoldPattern[
  ] :>  TypeSystem`NestedGrid`PackagePrivate`e

... which yields:

Dataset`$UseNewDatasetFormatting = True;
Quantity[1/2, "Meters"] // Dataset

patched rendering

Dataset[<|"a"->Quantity[12,"Seconds"],"b"->Quantity[34,"Seconds"]|>] //

original expression result with patch


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