In a previous question I asked how to align a couple of graphics, each of which had three columns.

img1 = First[
Georges_Cuvier.png",  "Images"]];
text1a = Text[
Style[ToString["Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric Cuvier"], Bold, 22]];
text1b = Text[
Style[ToString["(23 August 1769 - 13 May 1832)"], Bold, 16]];
col1 = Column[{
text1a, text1b}, Center]; disk = 
Graphics[{Black, Disk[{0, 0}, {5, 8}]}]; img2 = 
Achille_Valenciennes01.jpg", "Images"]];
text2a = Text[Style[ToString["Achille Valenciennes"], Bold, 22]];
text2b = Text[
Style[ToString["(9 August 1794 - 13 April 1865)"], Bold, 16]];  

To which MarcoB kindly added the following suggestion that I was able to use to bring the images and text into alignment.

 {ImageResize[img1, 500], text1a, text1b}, 
 {ImageResize[img2, 500], text2a, text2b}},
 ItemSize -> {30, Automatic}

Unfortunately, short of generating two or three separate Grid commands like the one above to place in a second row of similar figures and text, I can not seem to find the correct formulation of grouping constructs (ie {}) to bring a create a table of 4 or perhaps 6 similar figures (ie. for this code assume that Cuvier and Valenciennes have instead figures and data for someone else in a row below the first row).

Not sure if I need multiple Transpose statements for each line or the correct structure of list configuration using {}'s. Tried multiple possibilities but none seem to permit me to place a 2x2 or 2x3 grid of {image,text,text} elements with a single command. Placing in a single command is essential so that the entire code block can be made invisible within a slide show so that only the output is visible. There must be a similar simple solution, but I must be overlooking something in attempting to construct it.

Again thanks in advance for the tutelage. More complex examples within the grid command documentation would be of help.


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This is clumsy, but it works in a pinch. I'm thinking ArrayReshape might be your friend here, but I've gotta run to class.

 Partition[#, 2] &@ (* 2 is number of desired columns *)
   Column[#, Alignment -> Center] & /@
    {{ImageResize[img2, 500], text2a, text2b}, 
     {ImageResize[img2, 500], text2a, text2b}, 
     {ImageResize[img2, 500], text2a, text2b}, 
     {ImageResize[img2, 500], text2a, text2b}}

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  • $\begingroup$ Being in a pinch. I'll run with this and explore ArrayReshape later. If you have additional thoughts this would be great. Not sure why simply embedding the previous @Transpose[etc] construct within {} doesn't work. Thanks again. $\endgroup$ Nov 15, 2016 at 0:27

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