I have expressions with lots of variables which were typed quickly, like for example vx, vy, etc..., but now I wish to convert the important results to a nice formatting. It would be greatly convenient for me to select the x in vx and turn it into subscript, but, however the subscript tool in the typesetting palette just starts a subscript cursor for typing a new subscript.

Isn't it possible to convert some chars to subscript just like when you convert them to bold in a text editor?


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newvar[vx_] := Module[{var}, var = Characters[ToString[vx]];
               ToExpression[SubscriptBox[StringJoin[var[[1 ;; -2]]], var[[-1]]]]]


$\rm v_x$

$\rm uv_x$

z = newvar[uvx]

$\rm uv_x$ =5 (assign value to subscripted variable)



  • $\begingroup$ I have upvoted your answer because it's certainly helpful, although I wished for a GUI-based format change. Finally I did the changes manually. $\endgroup$
    – cesss
    Nov 13, 2016 at 13:36

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