I tried to work with Conjugates in Mathematica and it did not produce my desired result. I learned about assumptions and figured they're my way to go. This is the code:

Assuming[Element[a, Reals] && Element[e, Reals] && Element[m, Reals] && 
Element[r, Reals] && e > 0 && r > 0 && m > 0, Conjugate[(a E^(-I Sqrt[2] Sqrt[e m] r))/r]]

However, this is the output:

(E^(I Sqrt[2] Conjugate[Sqrt[e m] r]) Conjugate[a])/Conjugate[r]

Since all variables are real and positive, I'd expect only the sign in the exponent to flip. Why does it still want to conjugate real positive variables?



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