tl;dr the answer is F2

How can I re-open the Input Assistant after I've mistakenly closed it?

E.g. Write the command Plotand press Esc. Now the assitant is gone. How do I open it with a shortcut?

There has to be some shortcut to open it again, right? In many IDEs Ctrl+Space is the standard shortcut for calling the autocomplete-y thingies but it doesn't work here.

As of now both documentation pages How to use Input Assistant and Keyboard Shortcut Listing fail to include this information.


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Just press F2

(I cant accept my own answer as an answer now as a new user)

  • $\begingroup$ Now, F2 doesn't work. May you know the new key fot re-open the Input Assistant? $\endgroup$
    – Y. zeng
    Commented Jan 10, 2023 at 2:20

On Windows:

ctrl+k, for the input assistant

ctrl+shift+k, for argument documentation


In MAC , place cursor just after the junction. An "i" pop up will appear just next to the cursor. Click here and the documentation will reappeared.


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