A question about run-time data input.

I have a notebook that scrapes data from a web site that presents new data every day on a new web page, e.g.:

http://___/nov3.htm etc.

I would like to have my notebook prompt the user for the desired date(s) and then have that date automatically incorporated into the URL name so that the correct file(s) can be fetched using the Import command. So far I have not found documentation how do to this, and would be very grateful for any suggestions.


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Old way: Input and InputString. This might be sufficient for you.

New way: InputField and CreateDialog. See second Basic Example for CreateDialog.

There are even newer ways using forms and Ask. I have never used these so I'll leave the answer to others. They are targeted at creating web interfaces, but can also be used in the notebook. They will give you automatic checking (is it a vlid URL?). Here's the reference: http://reference.wolfram.com/language/guide/SettingUpUserInteractions.html


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