Consider an example:

$Assumptions = m > 0 && m \[Element] Integers;
ParallelDo[Print[{$Assumptions, Simplify[Sin[2*Pi*m]]}], {ik, 1, 2}, DistributedContexts -> All]

I expect it to produce:

{m > 0 && m \[Element] Integers,0}

But instead of it, Wolfram Mathematica gives:

{True,Sin[2 Notebook$$44$996424`m \[Pi]]}

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$Assumptions cannot be distributed because it is in the System` context and because it is a symbol with special behaviour.

The correct way to handle this is to set it explicitly on all subkernels.

ParallelEvaluate[$Assumptions = m > 0 && m \[Element] Integers]

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