In Excel I can just write:


To generate a beta distributed random between lower bound and upper bound

How can I do the same in Mathematica?

In other words hat is the right way to scale the output of:


So that instead of generating a number between 0 and 1 it gives me a number between 25 and 73?

In Excel I would just write:


But I don't know what to do in Mathematica


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You can just rescale it

RandomVariate[BetaDistribution[3,3]] * (max - min) + min
RandomVariate[BetaDistribution[3,3]] * 48 + 25

A plot:

 Histogram[Array[RandomVariate[BetaDistribution[3, 3]]*48 + 25 &, 100000], 48,"PDF"],
 Plot[{((1-((x-25)/48))^(-1+3)((x-25)/48)^(-1+3))/(48 Beta[3,3])}, {x, 25,73}]]

histogram and PDF


Just to illustrate:

  • TransformedDistribution
  • Rescale

    td[a_, b_, min_, max_, n_] :=
    TransformedDistribution[(max -min) x + min,
    x \[Distributed] BetaDistribution[a, b]], n]
    rs[a_, b_, min_, max_, n_] := 
    Rescale[RandomVariate[BetaDistribution[a, b], n], {0, 1}, {min, max}]

enter image description here


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