I need to plot a semi-opaque band from y=1.95 to y=2.05 (blue colored/shaded). How would I go about doing this? My range is from x=0 to x=2.


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If you want to combine it with a Plot use Epilog.

Plot[2.3 Sin[x], {x, 0, 2}, PlotStyle -> Red, 
Epilog -> {Opacity[0.5], Blue, Rectangle[{0, 1.95}, {2, 2.05}]}]

enter image description here

Or you can simply use it with Graphics.

Graphics[{Opacity[0.5], Blue, Rectangle[{0, 1.95}, {2, 2.05}]}]

You can also try Show:

Show[Plot[2.3Sin[x],{x,0,2},PlotStyle -> Red], 
Plot[2.05, {x,0,2}, Filling->1.95, PlotStyle->Opacity[0]]]]


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