so basically I'm trying to generate a list of file names. What I have done so far is the following:

total = Table[StringTemplate["/home/Projekt/output/b12_t`t`_a`a`.csv"]@<|
"t" -> 0.01 k, "a" -> 0.01 l|>, {k, 1, 21}, {l, 0, 50}]

Then I realized that, the mantissa ended with 0s are not displayed in full decimal place. For example: instead of showing


it shows


I know that normally we can use Precision[x] to print the exact number but in this case is does no help. Much appreciated if someone can give me a hint.


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     "`t`", InsertionFunction -> (ToString@NumberForm[#, {1, 2}] &)
  ]@<|"t" -> 0.01 k|>,
  {k, 0, 10}
{"0.00", "0.01", "0.02", "0.03", "0.04", "0.05", "0.06", "0.07", "0.08", "0.09", "0.10"}

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