How would I define, say < and >, or the left arrow key and right arrow key as keyboard shortcuts for moving forward and backward in slideshows?


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Evaluate one line once inside the notebook (or creating a button) will do:

 NotebookEventActions :> {{"KeyDown", ">"} :> 
    FrontEndTokenExecute["ScrollPageNext"], {"KeyDown", "<"} :> 

or, using left and right arrows, but a bit more trickery to preserve normal arrow behaviour in the "Working" environment:

  NotebookEventActions :> {"RightArrowKeyDown" :> 
     If[CurrentValue[SelectedNotebook[], ScreenStyleEnvironment] =!= 
      SelectionMove[SelectedNotebook[], Next, Character], 
    "LeftArrowKeyDown" :> 
     If[CurrentValue[SelectedNotebook[], ScreenStyleEnvironment] =!= 
      SelectionMove[SelectedNotebook[], Previous, Character], 

Interestingly enough the PageUp and PageDown keys always are already defined to navigate forward and backward, but one sometimes wants other keys in order to use a programmable (air)mouse.


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