You can create a Databin file like this:

This link can check you file.I found I couldn't change it's name after I create it.As the documemtation of RenameFile in Details and Options:

RenameFile works on cloud objects, changing their cloud file names but not their UUIDs.

So I guess it can do this.But how to do it?

  • $\begingroup$ @Xavier bin["Name"] can get its name,but it's invariable after use SetOptions.Strange behavior. $\endgroup$ – yode Sep 23 '16 at 12:20
  • $\begingroup$ @Xavier Wow,I can reproduce it.If you cancel you deletion.I will accept that. :) $\endgroup$ – yode Sep 26 '16 at 17:05

The name of a Databin

bin = CreateDatabin["Name" -> "FirstName"];

(* "FirstName" *)

can be changed with SetOptions:

SetOptions[bin, "Name" -> "LastName"];

The modification does not seem to be reflected when evaluating again the above:

(* "FirstName" *)

and the summary box also still displays the old name:


enter image description here

It can be checked however that the change is indeed performed by going on the datadrop website:

  • before the evaluation of SetOptions:

enter image description here

  • after its evaluation and reloading the page:

enter image description here

Note that if we exit the kernel,

LocalSymbol["BinUUID"] = bin["UUID"];

and load the bin in a new session, we recover the new name:

bin = Databin[LocalSymbol["BinUUID"]]

enter image description here


(* "LastName" *)


Alternatively, all the cache related to the bin can be clear:

SetOptions[bin, "Name" -> "MiddleName"];

(* LastName *)

DownValues[DataDropClient`Private`datadropclientcache] = 
   With[{sid = bin["ShortID"], uuid = bin["UUID"]}, 
        patt : HoldPattern[lhs_ :> rhs_] /; MemberQ[patt, sid | uuid , Infinity]

(* MiddleName *)

or the relevant part can be updated appropriately:

SetOptions[bin, "Name" -> "NoName"];

DataDropClient`Private`datadropclientcache[{"DatabinIDs", bin["UUID"]}] = 
     Options[bin][[1, 2]]

(* "NoName" *) 
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