Bug reproduced in V10.4.1 and persisting through V11.0.1

A support case with the identification [CASE:3713364] was created

[...] I was able to reproduce the issue, and consequently, I filed a report with our development team raising the issues [...]

Probably closely related to Toggling DynamicUpdating aborts dynamics with UpdateInterval yet different enough to deserve a separate question.

Please follow those steps to reproduce the problem:

  • evaluate (CreateDocument[#]; #) & @ Slider @ Dynamic @ x

  • confirm that both sliders are in synch

  • disable dynamics in one of the notebooks, e.g. via Evaluation menu

  • move the slider in the second notebook

  • (!) move mouse over the disabled one again (it glitches to 0 value but is still disabled)

  • enable dynamic updating

  • (!) try to move that slider, changes are reflected in the second one but the appearance/state of this one is not updated

enter image description here


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